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Premier Pool Care Package

The Pool Experts You Can Always Trust

Your pool is an investment, so making sure everything runs as it should and your water
is safe as can be is of the utmost importance. From 30 weekly cleanings to five winter
services, Pro Pools is your one-stop shop for a cool and refreshing break.

Our complete season package includes:

* Pool opening with cover removal
* 30 weekly cleaning and maintenance services​
* Five winter services
* Pool closing with cover installation

Give us a call today to sign up for this great package.

Weekly Maintenance

Services Performed During Each Weekly Visit:

* Test and record water chemical levels
* Add chemicals as needed
* Clean pump and skimmer baskets
* Vacuum, brush and skim pool
* Clean or backwash filter when applicable
* Inspect and repair equipment as needed

Maintenance is one hour per week max.
Additional time will be billed separately.

Closing & Winterization

Trust the Pool Experts to Close Your Pool

Whether you have an inground pool or an above ground model, the friendly staff at Pro Pools will take care of everything involving closing your pool each year.

During a winter visit, we inspect your pool and equipment to ensure it remains safe until spring. We also maintain the water level to protect the pool structure, test and balance the water, add winter algaecide if needed and remove water from solid covers. Give us a call
today to schedule an appointment.

Important Winter Considerations for your pool

Experiencing precipitation?

Worry not. You already blew out and plugged the plumbing lines when you winterized the pool. The water can’t get into the pump/filter system.

What if the water level rises?

A few inches of extra water won’t hurt anything. However, if you’re truly concerned, now is not the time to take matters into your own hands. Never drain your own pool without professional help. You could damage it and even void your warranty.

Your pool chemistry should remain within ideal range as manageable throughout the winter months. To give yourself a head start in the spring, you can test your water weekly in the winter. We test and balance as needed during a winter service visit.

During the winter it is very important to pump water off of solid covers for two reasons:

1. Many covers will collapse if too much water collects.

2. If you do leave the water there all winter, then what? You open the pool cover in the spring. What happens to the dirty water and whatever debris has collected in it? It dumps right into the pool and negates the benefits of the cover in the first place.

If you’re about to get lots of snow, you can’t open your pool cover (unless you have an automatic cover system!). Most pool covers aren’t built to withstand heavy weight, including automatic covers, but you could risk damaging the tracks and other parts of the system if you try to operate an automatic cover in freezing weather.

Opening & Startup

Experienced Pool Opening Services

Whether you have an inground pool or an above ground model, the friendly staff at Pro Pools will take care of everything involving opening your pool each year. Our highly skilled swimming pool technicians will get your pool up and running efficiently right from the start, so you can enjoy it immediately.

Basic Pool Opening Services

* Assemble and start-up equipment
* Install ladder and handrails
* Brush, skim and vacuum up to 30 minutes*​​
* Test and balance water
* Add chemicals as needed, billed separately
​​* Make minor repairs with permission

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Quality Vinyl Liner Replacements
Pro Pools’ professional liner replacement process includes pool measurement, removal of water, removal and disposal of old liner, preparation and repair of floor and walls and the liner installation with new gaskets, face plates, drain covers, etc. Above Ground Pools should be simple and easy, so check out our preferred liners and give us a call today to set up an appointment.

Pool & Deck Equipment

Wide Range of Pool and Deck Products and Services
Looking for something new, ​a replacement part or an upgrade? ​​​The PHTA-certified technicians at Pro Pools provide peace of mind with professional installation and
thorough tutorials, ensuring you are satisfied with your purchase and are confident in its correct operation and maintenance.

We are an authorized warranty service center for ​Hayward,  Jandy and Pentair.

We are your go-to for the following products and services:

The Department of Energy recently passed new regulations regarding pool pump energy-efficiency. These revised standards became effective on July 19, 2021. Leading the industry in manufacturing state-of-the-art pumps designed to not only meet, but exceed expectations is Hayward.

We offer ultra-high efficiency pool pumps from Hayward. Contact us or stop by our retail store to discuss new product lines, their benefits and energy-savings.

There are 3 types of filters for swimming pools:

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
  • Cartridge
  • Sand

​Choosing the correct type of filter for your pool depends on a few criteria. Bather load, the amount of organic debris that makes its way into your pool, water clarity and ease of operation are all things to consider. 

The size of your pool will determine which filter model will be needed once you have selected a filter type. After installation our technicians offer a comprehensive tutorial on filter operation and maintenance. We offer:

ProGrid D.E. Filter
SwimClear Cartridge Filter
Pro Series Sand Filter

Haywood Pool Filters
Haywood Inground Pool Filter
Haywood Above Ground Pool Filter

Chlorine is used to sanitize pool water and is typically added in tablet form through an automatic chemical feeder or by means of a salt chlorination system. Salt water systems provide the most efficient way to introduce and maintain chlorine in your pool.

They give your pool water a softer feel which is gentler on skin and eyes. There is also no harsh chlorine odor to worry about. As an added benefit most salt systems are compatible with a majority of pool equipment automation systems. 

Recommended Systems:

* AquaRite S3 Salt Chlorination System
​* AquaRite 900 Series Expert Line
* Sense & Dispense
Liquid Feed Systems

Extend your pool season with a natural gas or propane heater. Electric heat pumps are also available. Each provides different user benefits ranging from heating time to operation costs. ​Recently, new models utilizing both gas and electric power have been introduced to the market. In some cases, both a heater and heat pump are installed for added energy-efficiency.

Hayward’s new Universal HC Series heaters offer the smallest footprint in the industry and dual-fuel technology. ​

Haywood Inground Pool Heaters
Haywood Above Ground Pool Heaters
Universal HC Series Heaters
Universal H-Series Heaters
Summit XL Heat Pumps

Automation systems put the control of your pool at your fingertips. With the touch of a button on a display panel or an app on your smartphone screen you can manage nearly every function of operation.

* Turn pump on/off
* Control variable speed pumps
* Monitor and adjust sanitization systems
* Regulate heater thermostat
* Activate lighting and water features
* Set and adjust component schedules

Hayward Systems
Haywood Inground Pool Automation
Haywood Above Pool Automation

Enhance the ambiance of your pool and landscape with Hayward’s ColorLogic LED lights. Upgrade your installation with a  ColorLogic Light Controller or connect to an automation system for touch screen, tablet and phone app control.

Hayward Lighting
Hayward Inground Pool Lighting

Hayward offers an extended selection of pool cleaners for inground and above ground pools:

Hayward Inground Pool Cleaners
Hayward Above Ground Pool Cleaners

We install a wide range of deck equipment including:
* Ladders and handrails
* Diving boards and slides
* Pool games (e.g., basketball, volleyball)
* Steps, access chairs and lifts

​Please visit several of our preferred manufacturers below to browse their selection of safety, accessibility and entertainment solutions to enhance your pool.

Pool Covers

Protect Against Debris Entering Your Pool
Pool safety covers from Pro Pools protect against debris entering your pool and provide a barrier to prevent humans and animals from falling into the pool during the off-season. 

Each pool is precisely measured making each and every cover a custom fit. Mesh and solid cover options are available in addition to a variety of colors. Visit Loop-Loc for more information on their pool safety covers and also take a look at its gallery and video.

Above Ground and Radiant Covers
Standard-sized pre-made covers are available for above ground pools. We also carry custom-fit covers for Radiant above ground pools. Give us a call or visit us today.

Leak Detection

Expertly Pinpointing a Leak in Your Pool
By utilizing state-of-the-art tools by LeakTronics, Pro Pools can identify plumbing and structural leaks in your pool. Being able to pinpoint the source of water loss minimizes the cost of repair in many cases.

​A detailed report of test results along with recommended repairs is provided upon leak detection completion. Pro Pools is your one-stop shop for a cool and refreshing break. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

Pool Renovations

Whether you are looking for a brand new above ground installation or just a simple touch up, Pro Pools does it all. Liner replacements, equipment upgrades, pool lighting & more. Give us a call for a swimming pool renovation across the Tri-State area.

Inspections & Tutorials

Affordable and Important
If you’re looking to purchase or sell a home with a pool, it is always a good idea to have a complete inspection of the pool structure and equipment. When your pool or spa needs to be inspected, hire the experts at Pro Pools to get the job done right the first time. 

Services Performed During a Pool Inspection:

* Inspect and document all equipment
* Inspect ladders, handrails, diving boards, etc.
* Inspect pool deck, coping and skimmers
* Inspect pool surface for damage, cracks, etc.
* Test pump, lights, heater and all other electrically powered equipment
* Provide full details of inspection with recommendations for repairs if needed

Customer Tutorials
Whether you are building a new pool or have purchased a home with an existing pool, knowing how to operate your equipment and maintain your pool is critical to keeping it operating correctly and efficiently.

​We offer on-site customer tutorials, which include a thorough overview of all equipment, features and routine maintenance. Understanding how to manage your pool and water chemistry is critical to its safe function.

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