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Highest-Quality Pool Products

Pro Pools believes in using only the highest-quality products to treat your pool and spa water. In our store you’ll find a complete line of products for regular maintenance and for special purposes. Check out these outstanding pool and spa care brands we carry:

GLB Pool Care

Applied Biochemists

Aqua Silk

Natural Chemistry


Omega Pool Chemicals

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Water Testing

Pool and spa water should be tested and balanced regularly. This can vary from daily to once per week depending on use. Test results along with chemicals added should be documented for reference purposes. We perform water tests at our retail store and offer guidance on how to maintain your pool water.

Notes for taking and transporting your water sample:

* Only use a plastic container (opaque is best) to take your water sample, minimum 8 oz.

* Sample should be taken at least 12 inches under the water surface and away from return lines

* Sample should be kept out of the heat and direct sunlight and should be tested within one hour

* We will need your pool size to recommend chemicals needed for balancing your pool water

At-Home Water Testing Kits

For your at-home water testing, we carry test kits, reagents and test strips to help manage your pool’s water chemistry. ​Insta-Test Pool & Spa Test Strips by LaMotte and AquaChek Test Strips are recommended for most homeowners.


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